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Reiki Master Teacher Maija Kovalevska

My journey as a professional holistic therapist began in 2009 in Riga, Latvia (where I was born and grew up) when I gained my first massage diploma and started to work as a massage therapist and looked for something else to compliment my treatments. I could feel that working only with the physical body isn`t enough. Even after a great massage, after a while, people return with the same issues. 

Registered Reiki Practitioner&Teacher

The Reiki School Healing Hands Edinburgh offers all levels of Reiki practitioner training. New and existing Reiki practitioners are welcome to join the school’s regular shared practice, retreats and workshops for a deep understanding of the system of Reiki. By bringing the Reiki community together to share our experiences, these open sessions help to support and to build the confidence of new practitioners as they develop their Reiki skills and understanding.

Stress, anger and worry...all deeply affects mind and body and I wanted to learn how I might help on this deep level. Very soon Reiki came into my life. Difficult to believe, I started learning Reiki without having even tried it myself, knowing just a little, trusting my intuition… finally, it opened up to me an amazing world that I realised I was already working within my life. Reiki is not just a healing system - it is a great tool for self-development with infinite possibilities for your life changes. It has brought so many changes in my life and now it inspires me to do what I love – helping and healing people with relaxing Reiki treatments and sharing my direct experience to my students on my courses.

Holding professional qualifications, gained in the UK, in Body and Deep Tissue Massage, Hot Stone Massage, as well as Diet and Nutrition, I am a fully insured Reiki Master in the Usui Reiki Ryoho lineage and is a member of Shibumi International Reiki Association. I am the headteacher and founder of 'Healing Hands Edinburgh The Reiki School'. Providing healing Reiki sessions and training in the heart of Edinburgh.

Maija`s Reiki training
2009 - Reiki I - '' Reiki Light School'' Riga, Latvia
2009 - Reiki II - ''Reiki Light School'' Riga, Latvia
2012 - Reiki III  Reiki Master - India
2016 - Reiki Master Teacher - East Linton Jen Gold
2017 - Shinpiden - International House of Reiki - France Stiene
2018 - Healing in Hospitals and Hospices -
                                               Sam Buxton Sunflower Healing Trust 
Maija`s lineage of Reiki
Mikao Usui - Kanishi Taketomi - Kimiko Kojama - Doi Hiroshi - Richard Rivard - Natalija Balanovskaja - Michail Moshenkov 

Healing Hands Edinburgh The Reiki School

Santosa, 21 Albert Street, Edinburgh. EH7 5LH


Shibumi International Reiki Association
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