Intuitive Art & Energy Healing (Energy Art)

Individual and Group sessions

Each session combines creative activities with guided meditation/visualisation and energy healing. Clients can choose to explore the creative process in combination with Reiki, Feather Stone or Shamanic Healing, depending on personal needs and requirements. 


The creative process is, in itself, a powerful tool for healing and transformation. When we combine it with energy healing, we have the chance to experience its full potential and release more easily any blockage or limitation in relation to creativity. The sessions follow an intuitive and holistic approach and provide a safe space where we can explore and remember our natural capacity to create. Creative energy is simply life force energy flowing through us at all times.

The sessions can explore a particular emotion, experience, or situation. They can include writing, painting, drawing, collage, and clay modelling. Through the creative process, we can connect with our inner self, the essence of our being. This can support us in moving forward in our lives and rediscover our own internal wisdom. 


Intuitive art is a powerful spiritual and creative practise designed to reconnect us with our intuition, and inner guidance. Art can help us to process who we are in a particular moment of our life, it is a safe container that allows us to fully express our emotions, wishes, and desires. Becoming aware of all the aspects of ourselves is a wonderful gift that we all have the right as well as the need to experience.

WHERE: St.Margarets House, 151 London Road EH7 6AE 

Painting on Canvas

Therapies are offered on a sliding scale according to your financial means (high/ medium/ low income) 

90 min - 140/120/100

art materials included



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