My journey towards Reiki started in 2007 when I first visited Japan. The culture and the
philosophy there made me realise that something was missing in my European lifestyle. Reiki helped me integrate the holistic essence of our life as a whole, the connection between our person, our body, and nature. Reiki is a wonderful technique to improve energy flow and
connect to ourselves and the Earth while supporting our mind and body in this busy world.


Since 2020, I am a qualified and fully insured Reiki Practitioner and a member of the Shibumi International Reiki Association. I offer 1:1 sessions in Edinburgh to help others relax and manage their energy. In addition to being a Reiki therapist, I am also a professional coach, specialising in leadership and personnel development, with a focus on emotions management. My approach is to connect not only our mind with our emotions and instinct but also with our body and energy.

Aude takes a part of teaching in our workshop "Face to Face With Your Emotions"

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Aude Gisiger

Professional Coach & Reiki Practitioner

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