I have been passionate about the power of energy for most of my life.  Being aware of the importance of energy and its impact on me has steered many decisions I have made and relationships I have formed with others. I completed my Master training in October 2018 London and registered with FHT. Reiki for me is a complementary therapy that promotes the transfer of energy from myself to others.  I believe, energy is all around us and nourishes our hearts and bodies daily.  

Since qualifying as a Reiki therapist I have offered 1to1 reiki sessions, undertaken workshops and facilitated groups to spread the joy of Reiki.  As well as being a Reiki therapist, I teach yoga and am a systemic life coach.  I am currently specialising in YIN yoga which targets the deep connective tissues of our bodies and encourages the flow of energy within the body.

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 Cori volunteers in the Community Reiki Clinic also takes a part in our workshops and offers everyone to join her spiritual workshops and weekly "Reiki Share" online. 



Reiki Master & Yoga Teacher

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