Feather Stone Energy Healing

Energy healing is a natural and ancient form of healing that restores and balances the flow of energy within the body, mind, and spirit. It creates many beneficial effects including deep relaxation, feelings of peace, security, and well-being. It can help with relieving anxiety, stress, managing chronic pain, and insomnia. It can also support spiritual growth and emotional clearing.

Feather Stone is a technique rooted in the shamanic energy healing tradition and combines the power of unconditional love with the healing energies of nature. The power of unconditional love is the force of the creator, the purest energy of all. Within a space of love, we can transform, release, balance and restore our energy. The Feather Stone practitioner works with animal feathers and natural stones, the embodiment of the energy of the Sky and the Earth, the masculine and the feminine energy within the universe. 

Each treatment is unique and designed around the person's needs and intentions. A deep sense of relaxation, feeling of peace and love is often experienced after the session. Feather Stone is a gentle introduction to shamanic healing and can involve the use of sound and sacred instruments. 

During a Session 


The practitioner begins the treatment with a gentle scan of the energy body. This can be done with the hands or through the use of an animal feather. The feather is considered pure natural energy, therefore pure Spirit. It can clear, move and balance the client's energy field. Some natural stones are often positioned around the body. Common areas include the space between the eyebrows, the chest or stomach/belly areas, the hands, and the feet. Private areas of the body are of course left alone. The stones hold very grounding energy that can centre and calm the mind. Also, they act like sponges and absorb any “dusty energy" from the physical body. After the clearing and balancing practices, the practitioner restores and recharges the energy of the client by simply channelling the energy of nature through his/her hands. The energy of the sun, the moon, the trees, the sea and all the elements in nature can contribute to the session providing healing, support, and guidance. This treatment often involves the cleansing and balancing of the chakras system as well.

Peacock Feather

Therapies are offered on a sliding scale according to your financial means (high/ medium/ low income) 

60 min - £90/£80/£70


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WHERE: St.Margarets House, 151 London Road EH7 6AE