Reiki Level  III  SHINPIDEN  

Master Practitioner 

 Reiki III is usually only taken by students who are seriously committed to the practice of Reiki as a way of life and personal development and have been practising Reiki II at least for a year. Reiki III continues to be as much about personal healing and growth as about helping others. This course is to support you in becoming a much more effective Reiki practitioner. It helps you develop your knowledge and skill so that you feel able to work confidently with more complex and challenging problems.

This is Reiki Master practitioner training, it can stand alone in its own right, for you to complete the education in the Usui Reiki system.​ If your goal is to become a Reiki teacher after completing this training you should take the Master Teacher course.

  • The requirements for the Reiki Master practitioner training is the completion of Reiki I and Reiki II training.

  • Students should have at least one year of experience as Reiki practitioners

  • Reiki II certificate has to be presented

  • The course will take place over a two-days of a residential weekend.

  • Maximum of four students per class.

 2 days training - £220

The Reiki Master course includes:

- General revision what we learned on Reiki I and II

- discussion about Reiki and your previous experience​.

- Master attunement

-You will learn the fourth Master Symbol and a variety of advanced tools

  and energy techniques to empower your Reiki practice.

- Practice with the symbol

-Shinpinden healing

- Meditations

- Kotodama

- Japanese Master Techniques

- Be aware, on this course you will not learn how to do attunements.

- Reiki Master Certificate

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Next course:  3 & 4 July 2021
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If your intention is to become a Reiki Master teacher you should complete the Reiki Master practitioner  at Healing Hands Edinburgh the Reiki School.   More info.

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