"HEALING COMBO" - 90 min £65

Pamper yourself or give away the best present with the “Healing Combo” as it is a great combination of 60 min of full body massage and 30 min of Reiki. This relaxing treatment balances all levels of your being. The massage works with the body releasing the tension, it will free up your shoulders, will soften the muscles of your back and will restore the blood circulation in the neck and scalp. Your limbs will be thoroughly massaged to increase the blood circulation in your joints improving your mobility. After the bodywork, you will be synced into a deep state of relaxation promoted by Reiki. It's going to work with your emotional level (you may feel a bit more sensitive than usual the next day after the treatment), mental level (the mind will get calmer) and your soul will be grateful for these moments of joy. At the end of the treatment, you will be deeply relaxed but at the same time, your body will have plenty of energy to carry on with your daily life.

Reiki Treatment

REIKI - 60 min £50

Do you have a busy mind, anxiety, sleeping problems, carry lots of emotions or feel tired in the morning? Reiki sessions help us to re-connect, release blockages and restore our own energy. Top up your energy levels and reach a complete state of peace and relaxation with this hands-free treatment coming from ancient Japan.

SWEDISH MASSAGE - 60 min £50/90 min £65

Normally performed as an hour full body treatment, this is a gentle massage for those looking for a relaxing treat and expecting a general tension relief. Also, it brings a deep state of relaxation for your body and mind. This massage promotes the elimination of toxins and waste from the body. It cleanses away the dead cells from the skin, restores blood circulation,  frees up your shoulders and improves the general flexibility of the body. It also improves the mobility of the neck and scalp and takes away the tension from your face. Enjoy the gentle but firm pressure from head to toe taking yourself out of the busy world.

DEEP TISSUE - 60 min £50

Very similar to the Sports Massage, this is the ideal remedial treatment for chronic back pain, shoulder pain, lack of mobility/flexibility, stiff neck as well as for headaches, migraines and general tension along the body. When you are building up tension in the body, muscles get stiff and become shorter, making blood circulation very poor and causing lack of mobility, brings headaches, aches in the back and joint pain. Usually, when you have one of these symptoms for quite some time, it means that you already have chronic tension located on the very deep layers of the muscles. That's why the Deep Tissue massage could be very helpful. During the massage, I will normally be focused on the lower back area, neck and shoulders which are the main areas where we tend to collect muscle tension due to physical activity and stress. However, the session will be tailored specially for you according to your needs. Taking away all tension from a very deep level and restoring blood circulation can help to promote good healing for the body. On this treatment, the pressure is strong so it might feel a bit uncomfortable at times but I will be checking on you in case it becomes unbearable. After the treatment, I can give you some advice on how to keep your back in a good condition and prevent chronic tension from arising in the future.


This is a very specific type of therapy focused on the soft tissue surrounding the muscles throughout the body, where some painful trigger points may appear. This is the ideal treatment for people suffering from chronic fascial pain and fibromyalgia.

During the session, I will gently massage the affected area and will treat the trigger points accordingly.

Pressure Point Massage

Appointments available:

weekdays - 2.00 - 7.00 pm

Sat 9.30 - 4 pm, Sun 12.30 - 4 pm

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What to expect on my treatments: 

  • caring and safe environment provided by a professional and experienced therapist. 

  • If you come for a Reiki session you stay fully clothed and I will ask you to take off only your shoes. 

  • If you come for a massage, you should stay with your underwear on and you will be covered by towels. During the treatment, I will uncover only one area at a time to be working on. (Back, arm, leg, etc.)

  • After the treatment, I can recommend some tips for improving your muscle condition. 

  • I do follow the Covid-19 guidelines, read our The Covid-19 Policy below. 

'Mario is such a fantastic therapist, I had the best massage from him, it really aided in my relaxation and problem areas. He's calm, professional and respectful'     Rachel M.

'I have been Mario`s client for several years now. I had an injury to my right shoulder in the past and massages help me to stay in a good condition. Mario is very professional, apart from regular massages he gave me some helpful advice on how to maintain my shoulder. Now I feel much better and find Mario`s knowledge and effort really helpful.'


Maija K.

'I have been going to Mario for a back and shoulder massage for some time now. I have a shoulder problem and Mario has managed to improve the shoulder movement considerably. More broadly, the full massage is wonderful and leaves you feeling relaxed and chilled. I can not recommend Mario as a masseur highly enough.'

Heather C.