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Continuing with the topic "Reiki&Life", during the quarantine, Reiki becomes very helpful as the possibility to do distance healing makes a difference for those who need any support. Some of my students have been very busy helping people and I am honoured to introduce one of them to you. Let's meet Danka Nisevic, an artist and a Reiki practitioner. 

  • What was your intention to learn Reiki? Has that changed since then?

I have always been interested in spirituality. I have always had a strong need to ease the suffering of others and to intensify light here on Earth. For years, I was frightened to enter spiritual realms, however eventually my Earthly life forced me to surrender. I reached a place where entering spirituality was a need. I completed elementary Reiki and finally, I had my healing tools! I started healing immediately and seeing others transform gave me incredible satisfaction. I felt complete. I felt fulfilled. Since then, my intention hasn’t changed and with great pleasure, I am still healing others. However, now that I understand how powerful Reiki is and how much it can improve any situation, I am interested to see how much Reiki can heal the global condition and planet Earth.

  • How Reiki helps you as an artist?

I fell in love with Reiki (it was love at first Reiki sight!) and for a long while Reiki is all that I could think about. I abandoned creativity and only now I am returning to it. Reiki has made my creativity flow. Normally, like every artist, I have experienced times when it is difficult to produce because I can often be a prisoner of my critical thought, so I dismantle every idea before it is even executed. Since I have completed Reiki I find that I just produce without imposing any restrictions. My ideas are manifested immediately and effectively. Reiki has made me more sensitive to nature. Even though I have always produced sculpture from recycled objects, I am now becoming even more careful about what I use and how I use it. Currently, I am trying to transform my work completely and focus on planet Earth, through careful consideration of every aspect of my sculpture.

  • What kind of changes did Reiki bring into your life?

Initially, when I started healing myself, Reiki spiralled my life out of control. Everything was turned upside down and I had to face my greatest fear in life: absolute uncertainty. I now understand that it was a necessary process of healing. Immersion therapy! Gradually, I noticed that my emotional constitution had been significantly altered: before I started Reiki, depression was always lingering around me and Reiki annihilated it. Even if I am dealing with arduous problems in life, I am more balanced and strong in the face of adversity. Reiki has helped me resolve numerous emergencies and brought necessity. Reiki has helped me release trauma and emotional residue, which was preventing me from leading a balanced life. Reiki has helped me manifest. Reiki makes me feel complete.

  • How was your Reiki experience during the quarantine?

Initially, like any other healer, I wanted to save the whole planet and protect everyone. I started channelling immunity and protection to numerous people all over the world. I have found that everyone was suddenly interested and open to it. Reiki offered comfort and assurance to many. Several friends who had COVID 19 symptoms were rejected from hospitals and they asked me to help. I channelled emergency Reiki. They were successfully healed. Even those who were sceptical about Reiki suddenly started to believe! I offered Reiki to NHS employees to help with the current situation and many were interested. I felt honoured that I could support and contribute to those who were on the frontline. Even though Corona time has been frightening, I feel privileged that it has been part of my Reiki journey. It is challenging to apply Reiki to it. Physically. Emotionally. Spiritually. I see it as an important transformation. The catalyst of global change. 

  • What did you learn? Did Reiki help you during this time?

Reiki made me feel safe and it helped me resolve many existential problems in my life. I felt fulfilled because I could protect those I love and help so many others who were in distress. Through channelling Reiki, I have learned that the current situation has forced everyone to release everything that doesn’t serve them anymore. Many were jobless and forced to return to what they love: art, writing, craft... Some were living in unbearable circumstance and when quarantine started, unbearable started to be even more unbearable, so they turned to heal and decided to resolve unbearable. In my opinion, COVID 19 has revealed a collective shadow on a global level, however, I also feel that it has exposed our shadows...we are all now seeing new ways of life...

  • I know you have been very busy doing Reiki for others, any particular cases?

I am incredibly proud that I have successfully reduced unbearable agony of severe physical illness. I have had several clients who were suffering from different ailments: arthritis, spine injury... Pain that they were experiencing was beyond anything imaginable and it had seriously affected other aspects of life. Some had completely lost desire to live and others were having difficulty functioning. After Reiki treatments, significant improvements manifested: some of my clients are now completely healed and others have noticed a huge reduction in agony that they experience. They have all started to feel lively again and they are now enjoying life again. It gives me great pleasure to see how Reiki has helped others transform.

  • What is more challenging, to be helping others or yourself?

Helping myself! Definitely! I find it difficult to focus on myself when I see so many others suffering. Only recently I have concluded that I have channelled most Reiki to others and only a minimal amount to myself. I am now trying to learn how to balance and Reiki my existence so that I can become stronger. The more strength I acquire, the more strength I will be able to channel, so I now finally understand that healing myself must be a priority!

  • What are your plans with Reiki? 

Currently, I am trying to become more engaged with NHS hospitals and concentrate on working with COVID 19. I have supported several COVID 19 cases and recovery seems to be effective. Globally, I would like to use Reiki to support a challenging transformation that we are currently experiencing and to assure that we learn what planet Earth is trying to teach us. Spiritual and scientific prediction now is that COVID 19 will return in 5 years, because we will not transform and that it will be even more apocalyptic. I feel that it is my responsibility to prevent it and to intensify light here on Earth before it starts teaching again!

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