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Reiki & Life

Reiki translates as Life energy and every living thing needs this energy for wellbeing.

I am grateful to my student Eleanor from the Isle of Islay who agreed to share these little stories from her case studies.

See how animals respond to Reiki healing and their brilliant results.

Jenny- My 12-year-old Springer Spaniel

Jenny had to have an operation on her hind leg to remove two suspicious lumps that had grown under the skin, two days before I left Islay to attend the Okuden course. The stitches that the vet had put in failed to pull the wound together sufficiently to heal the wound. Despite my Husbands careful care of Jenny, the stitches were not able to close the wound as it was on the crease of her leg just where the skin has the most movement. The day after I got home, I took Jenny back to the vet and they reoperated and closed the wound again, but this time used staples.

I collected Jenny that evening and was told to bring her back in 12 days to have the staples removed. I did Reiki on Jenny and her wound. After 8 days I could see that the wound had fully healed so I contacted the vets to make an appointment to have them removed. They told me to wait another 4 days as they had told me that 12 days had been their recommendation. I asked if I could WhatsApp them a short video of the wound, as I was concerned that the skin was about to heal over the staples making their removal difficult. They viewed the video - telephoned me immediately to say bring her in Now! As the video had clearly shown that the staples needed removing straight away!


George, My 10-year-old-Donkey

Due to his poor start in life, he is a rescue, he has very weak hooves and he is prone to lameness during the winter months. Despite every care being taken, it is just one of the sad things he has to endure due to his lack of care at a crucial early age.

Samara, our equine vet came out late on a Saturday afternoon, George was unable to put any weight on his hind leg, he was in a lot of pain in his stable.

During the examination, I explained to Sam that I would be holding him but as he was in so much pain she might like to take care of him as it is his hind leg, which in less than a blink of an eye, can send you flying! She knew from previous years that he has been known to get very upset because he is in so much pain with an abscess.

Whilst Sam carefully and very gently began to pare the hoof away to get to the abscess, I began Reiki with George. The abscess was far up in the wall of his hoof, and it took a long time to carefully cut away the hoof wall until the abscess pressure could be released.

During the entire treatment, I gave George Reiki. It is still emotional for me to write this... He did Not Move A Muscle. Instead, he lowered his little grey head and began snoring... he stood perfectly still and quiet.. occasionally swishing his tail... it was unbelievable ... a total transformation from previous winter treatments.. no food treats, no being dragged about the stable when the pain became too unbearable during the hoof paring or crushed up against the stable wall when he has his neck shaved and an antibiotic injection nothing!

Sam and I were so emotionally overwhelmed by the way George behaved, once we had the poultice and bandage on ... we both hugged him and cried... then hugged each other and cried.

Needless to say: the hoof healed in record time!

Since this day, George has started coming out of his stable in the mornings and standing directly by my side... he lowers his head and I have to cuddle him. If I start to do Reiki on him, he bends his neck round to touch my Reiki hand with his nose, or he promptly walks off as if he just wanted a cuddle -- he decides!

Mollie - My 20-year-old Quarter Horse.

Mollie is an extraordinarily complex horse. She too was badly treated, she had 7 owners in her 9 years of life when I got her. She has osteoarthritis in her knees and hips. I tried to do Reiki on her, she felt it and gave a hop upward and looked at me! Hummmmm... look on her face. So, I decided to go about this in a more Mollie fashion, like I do when I hide medication in a jam doughnut! Don't let her know. I had the thought of putting Reiki on her brushes. Then brushing her. Well, my results can be seen in her coat, she has amazing dapples!

Despite her being rugged up and in her stable at night, she still has a hairy winter coat but the shine and the dapples are stunning!

I put her in the round pen yesterday - her hind leg movement is so free-flowing and free. After the winter months, when little or no exercise is possible, she had no restrictions in her movements yesterday. So much so that I took a video of her and sent it to my Niece who knows Mollie. I allowed Mollie to canter and trot about the round pen with no tack on - just free and was she showing off - enjoying herself. My Niece was amazed at how well Mollie was able to move, she messaged to say that she noted that she could see Mollie wanted to move and show off! Mollie even popped herself over a little jump - just because she could!

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