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What can we learn from coronavirus?

When the first alert about a virus from China appeared in the news at the end of last year, nobody took it seriously. At then we couldn`t even think it was going to affect our lives, as we all seem to be busy and don`t pay attention to these things. Would we be in a different position otherwise? We will never find out. Now our life is different and being at home we have plenty of time to look around, to think and to ask ourselves "Why are we in this vulnerable position?" "Why us?" "When is it going to finish?" or "What`s going to happen tomorrow?". I find myself in a position like many of you are right now. As a self-employed Reiki practitioner, my job is gradually disappearing. The booking list looks empty, bringing me some anxiety about the future. However, I keep myself busy taking advantage of doing some stuff I didn`t have time to do before. Since I made this plan B, I feel much better. Yesterday my partner and I went for a walk; I would call it a 'walking meditation' as we like to listen to the silence and connect with nature together. Suddenly it came to my mind: "there is something to be grateful to the coronavirus". This exceptional situation brings up all the lights and shadows so now we can see what we should tidy up. In moments like that, we feel the fellowship of our community. There are so many kind and compassionate people around, offering support to others, free services to bring some food to those isolated, offering free Yoga classes or meditation for stress relief and suggesting how to support small businesses like hairdressers, barbers, coffee shops and more. All these actions light my heart up by love and make me think about what could I do for others myself. Another thing I have discovered is that for many people it is a chance to finally learn how to wash your hands properly as a few days ago somebody on Facebook was asking about some training to learn how to do it. Looks like before the coronavirus there was no good reason to do it properly, and now it's vital knowledge. In this time of being self-isolated, there are no excuses, no more 'I don`t have time for meditation', no more 'I have no time for taking care of myself'. Why not spend this free time to learn another language, or to come back to hobbies or some pastime you always wanted to do? It is also a good moment to think about how is your relationship with your family or might be with your partner. Spending so much time together can be quite challenging for some people, especially when things are not going so well, possibly bringing up some questions. Perhaps some improvements are needed? And the main object - our mind. The main issue is the pandemic created by our mind. Anger, stress and anxiety don`t come from the outside, they are a creation of the mind caused by our reaction to the circumstances and it's energy-consuming. When low in energy we are weaker so our body is not that strong to fight virus, flu or any other health issue. I think now is the time to change our bad habits, being always aware of our thoughts and reactions. Our collective positive thoughts, good wishes and gratitude will build up the future. In times of crisis like this, I presume more people think about their spiritual path for during regular times it never comes to mind. Perhaps that's what the coronavirus wants us to learn?

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