Reiki is a safe and gentle holistic healing technique originating in Japan, that promotes balance and well-being. After treatment, the recipient may experience reduced stress and anxiety, less discomfort and pain, increased mental clarity, and deep relaxation. Reiki helps to restore and balance the energy in the body, allowing us to better heal ourselves. The recipient of Reiki is an active participant during their session. They do this by setting an intention to being open to receiving whatever they might need most from the session. The Reiki practitioner is trained to facilitate the flow of energy and does not dictate or manipulate it, but allows it to go where it is needed.

We are a community of Reiki practitioners dedicated to practicing and promoting Reiki. We believe that Reiki can restore and maintain health and well-being.

Healing Hands Edinburgh The Community Reiki Clinic provides Reiki sessions to community members who are on low incomes or currently not able to afford a session or you never tried Reiki.

When: Thursday 10 June 2021

Where:  in the Studio at St.Margaret`s House 151 London Road, Edinburgh How to find

Time:  4 pm - 7 pm  (only by appointments)

Cost:  Suggested donation of £10 

Sessions:  Sessions are 20 minutes in length and we leave plenty of time for cleaning and sanitizing the room after each client.

Other:  Sessions must be scheduled in advance and are conducted by a qualified Reiki practitioner.

             Please, read our COVID-19 and cancellation Policy below.


The community Reiki Clinic also offers individual distance Reiki sessions.
If you can`t leave your home or you don`t feel safe to visit public places request individual distance healing and receive it at home. Initial consultations via phone, Skype or WhatsApp.
Fill in the enquiry form and one of our volunteer's team members Reiki practitioner will get in touch with you to make your appointment for online/phone consultation followed by 25 min distance healing session

Cost: Suggested donation £10


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The donations cover our essentials to run the clinic and the rest is going for charity to promote awareness of Reiki benefits. 

2020 -Our last fundraising of £285  went to

2021 - £85 to

2021 - £146 to Maggie`s centre


  • before to come to your appointment, please fill up a Health Declaration 

  • Sign-in at the desk using a Contact Tracing system

  • Wash/sanitise your hands when you arrived  Hand sanitizer and tissues provided.

  • Distance in Place and face coverings. Face covering is mandatory throughout the building in common areas such as corridors, stairs, kitchenettes and during your treatment included.

  • We will ventilate the treatment room as often we can, the cleaning will be done between each client.​

  • You can bring your own bottle of water and a blanket/socks (if you like to be extra warm)


IMPORTANT: If you develop coronavirus symptoms (a high temperature, a new cough, or experience a change or loss of your sense of smell or taste) before your appointment, please let me know. There will be no cancellation fee for missed or cancelled appointments due to the coronavirus symptoms and you can reschedule to another date.

**Please note that we will not share your contact information. Your information is only used to confirm your appointment, receive reminder emails prior to your scheduled session, and update you on last-minute appointments.** 

Cancellation and No Show Policy: If you do not provide notice of cancellation within 24 hours, do not show up for your scheduled appointment time or have a combination of either for two consecutive months, we regret that you will be unable to schedule a future appointment. If you need to cancel your appointment, please contact. Thank you for your understanding.