These sessions are for general relaxation and can support your daily life by lowering your stress levels, relaxing your body and mind and they are suitable for everyone, no experience needed. Reiki is universal energy, it's everywhere and there is plenty of energy for everyone as we are a part of the universe. It doesn't matter which part of the world you are in at the moment, you still can receive.

Sessions provided online and guided by Maija Kovalevska Reiki Master.

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  • When: Every Monday at 9 pm  Lifestreamed online

  • Cost:  Membership - £4.80/month  No experience needed


  • Register your membership on Patreon (you can cancel your membership at anytime)

  • How to receive: Every Monday at 9 pm on Patreon page gets published a link to the lifestream. Make sure you are not going to be distracted, get yourself in a comfortable position, set your intention and follow Maija's guidance and enjoy relaxation, The session lasts 30 min.

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By registering your membership in our Reiki community you join our charity fundraising. 

A part of donations cover our essentials to run the clinic and the rest is going for charity to promote awareness of Reiki benefits or help people in need.



2020 - £285 to

2021 - £85 to

2021 - £146 to Maggie`s center Edinburgh

2021 - £300 to Maggie's center Edinburgh