Join Maija Kovalevska for the Reiki refresher. Nowadays it is very important to be able to help yourself and others when you cannot see a therapist. The emotional & mental levels in our society are getting worse, stress levels are high, and people are struggling with anxiety and depression, which is definitely affect our body.

There are many people whom did Reiki training in the past but are not practising any more and there are many different reasons for that, might be lack of motivation, maybe too high expectations at the beginning or just life had become different and took you out of it.

Perhaps you just forgot how to do it, or you are not confident to start over again, or you just need a little push and a bit of excitement. And that's what I'd like to give you on this online workshop.

This workshop is for anyone who, for whatever reason, has either not kept up their Reiki practice, has never really got off the ground with it, and would like to do so now. Also, it could be helpful for those who want to boost their confidence and motivation. The workshop is suitable for those who have studied with someone else. It suits any level of Reiki. 

In the workshop:

  • Empowerment followed by Reiki meditation

  • Practicing  self-healing

  • Reiki  healing  for others (Reiki chair treatment)

  • Some other tips "how to use Reiki in your daily life". 

  • Q&A

After the workshop you will be able to do self-healing, giving Reiki to your loved ones,  you will remember the basic tips on how else you can use Reiki in your daily life and will learn self-balance meditation. 

The workshop led by Maija Kovalevska experienced Reiki practitioner & Teacher.

Reiki Refresher.jpg

  Investment -  £49

two spaces available

 If you don`t have a PayPal account or have difficulties paying through this page, please get in touch and I will send you a link for your card payment. After your payment, you will receive a confirmation and further information. 


151 London Road,

Edinburgh EH7 6AE 

at Edinburgh Palette, Studio 4.39