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The Community Reiki Clinic is led by Maija Kovalevska, she is a Graduate Reiki Teacher in the Japanese lineage of Usui Reiki Ryoho and has over ten years of experience practising Reiki. She also is the founder of Healing Hands Edinburgh the Reiki school where provides Reiki treatments and teaches the traditional Japanese Reiki System and is a member of Shibumi International Reiki Association. 

Her holistic approach has been helpful for many people with mental and physical issues over the years. Helping people with anxiety and depression allowed her gaining invaluable experience and she is passioned for sharing this direct experience with her students during the Reiki classes. 

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Maija Kovalevska

Reiki Master Teacher

Cori Wilkie

Reiki Master Teacher

 I have been passionate about the power of energy for most of my life.  Being aware of the importance of energy and its impact on me has steered many decisions I have made and relationships I have formed with others. I completed my Master training in October 2018 London and registered with FHT. Reiki for me is a complementary therapy which promotes the transfer of energy from myself to others.  I believe, energy is all around us and nourishes our hearts and bodies daily.  

Since qualifying as a Reiki therapist I have offered 1to1 reiki sessions, undertaken workshops and facilitated groups with the aim of spreading the joy of Reiki.  As well as being a Reiki therapist, I teach yoga and am a systemic life coach.  I am currently specialising in YIN yoga which targets the deep connective tissues of our bodies and encourages the flow of energy within the body. Read about Cori here.

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A love of yoga and a deepening practice over the last decade led me to recognise the value of a holistic approach to health and wellbeing. This took me on the path towards Reiki and other beneficial therapies including massage.  Experiencing the benefits of Reiki first hand, I simply knew I wanted to learn how to give Reiki so I attained Level I (Shoden) in 2012, and Level II (Okuden) two years after that.  In 2020, I completed the first part of my Reiki Master training and I’m excited about sharing and bringing more Reiki to myself and others.  I am also a qualified massage therapist having completed a Diploma in Swedish massage with Scottish Massage Schools in 2014.  I have worked for environmental charities for many years and have a deep respect for nature – I am most connected and at peace when outdoors in hills, woodlands or by the sea.

Lisa Webb

Reiki Master

Originally from Auckland, New Zealand, Kor began his professional life as an architect in the UK before setting up an environmental consultancy firm in Perth. He took early semi-retirement to look after his parents, dementia sufferers and was drawn to Reiki, to help both his own well-being and promote self-healing in others. He was trained by Maija Kovalevska and he is fully insured and qualified Reiki practitioner. Kor runs a reiki practice at his garden studio in Scotlandwell and volunteers at Healing Hands Edinburgh community Reiki clinic. Side projects include creating/selling ambient music CD's under the banner 'Korstia', to raise funds for Alzheimer Scotland. Read about Kor`s Reiki experience here.

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Kor Newhouse

Reiki practitioner

I was very connected to the energy world since childhood but only five years ago I started to consciously explore its gifts. My journey with Reiki brought lots of beauty and guidance into my life. I completed the first part of the Master training and look forward to sharing the teachings behind this beautiful practice with others. I also offer Feather Stone treatments and, facilitate classes that combine intuitive art with energy healing. I believe that creativity is directly connected to our internal source of energy and can help us to explore our identity, our emotions and the world that surrounds us.

I have several years of experience in working with vulnerable adults and children, collaborating with Charities and Community groups around Edinburgh. Currently, I am continuing my studies in Shamanic Healing, Qigong and Arts for Healing.

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Elisa Guietti

Reiki Master


151 London Road, St. Margaret`s House

 Edinburgh  Scotland EH7 6AE

Shibumi International Reiki Association

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