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I have always been on the path of spirituality, even when I was not aware of it, for many years I sought for something that would allow me to help people and also to help myself, something that would allow me to connect with the life force that keeps us all alive and gives form to what we call life. I began my journey with Reiki in a very difficult period of time and among all the chaos I could instantly recognise the spark, the loving sound of Reiki. This beautiful energy was exactly what I was looking for, it has found me at last, and ever since that moment I knew I needed to pursue this path.

I am a fully qualified and insured Reiki Practitioner and I provide Reiki healing sessions in the heart of Edinburgh, my approach is simple, I trust my intuition and I allow the energy to guide me and my clients through our sessions. 


Currently, I am offering Reiki session in the studio and I volunteer in the Reiki community clinic. 


30 min  - £30

60 min - £45

Valentina Lopez

Reiki Practitioner

Valentina`s website here