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REIKI REFRESHER  In-person  08 May 2022

This workshop is for anyone who, for whatever reason, has either not kept up their Reiki practice, has never really got off the ground with it, and would like to do so now. Also, it could be helpful for those who want to boost their confidence and motivation. The workshop is suitable for those who have studied with someone else. and suits any level of Reiki. 

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YOGA & REIKI FLOW CLASSES  online  start on 08 June

Do you do Yoga? Have you tried Reiki? Have you tried both at the same time? This unique experience will make you more centered and more relaxed, also it can be healing too. We restart our four classes block. All are welcome, no experience in Reiki is needed.

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You will have the opportunity to express how you are feeling and consider what changes you could make to be more grounded, naturally, openly, without judgment through an expressive exercise. The exercise will allow you to express yourself through creative wiring. All are welcome, no Reiki experience is needed. You can expect a welcoming, supportive space, where respect is our priority.

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STARTING A SUCCESSFUL REIKI BUSINESS  In-person        10 & 11 September

Do you like helping people and want to become a professional Reiki practitioner? Reiki is a spiritual practice, but becoming a professional Reiki practitioner is also about learning some business skills. You have to be aware of some essential steps to take and learn how to look confident and professional in front of your clients. The aim of the school is to give a professional approach to those students who wish to become professional Reiki practitioners and work for the public. The course suits those who have completed the Reiki Level II training and above. 

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WRITING FROM YOUR HEART online             05 October 2022

Our writing from the heart workshop offers you an opportunity to find a deeper and renewed connection to your heart. You will be encouraged to practice self-love and experience nurturing reiki flow to promote an increase in energy. You will have the opportunity to express how you are feeling and what comes from your heart, naturally, openly, without judgment through writing from the heart exercise.​

Our spiritual workshops and courses are designed to support your spiritual journey or your professional career.

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