"WRITING FROM YOUR HEART"   online workshop

Wednesday  09th of February 2022  6.30 pm - 8 pm 

Join Maija Kovalevska from Healing Hands and Cori Wilkie from KOA for 90 minutes exploring the power of reiki and connecting with your heart. As we see hardship and sadness we also see gestures of love and kindness all around us. In unsettling times we need to take the time to connect with our hearts and practise self-love and compassion. When we love ourselves unconditionally and feel connected to our hearts we are open, grounded, settled, and can accept as well as share love. Reiki is generally known to be a complementary therapy that shares energy and can aid with anxiety, stress to name a few. However, Reiki is so much more, it is a tool for self-development, self-care, awareness, and creativity. Join us in exploring how reiki can contribute to your life.

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Our writing from the heart workshop offers you an opportunity to find a deeper and renewed connection to your heart. You will be encouraged to practice self-love and experience nurturing reiki flow to promote an increase in energy. You will have the opportunity to express how you are feeling and what comes from your heart, naturally, openly, without judgment through a writing from the heart exercise. The entire workshop will be guided by Maija and Cori, who will hold space and offer powerful reiki flow to all attending.


"The initial guided meditation by Cori was very helpful in centring my mind and letting go of all the feelings and emotions that are not serving me. It helped me clear my mind. During this meditation, I was also able to sense Reiki energy surrounding this experience - thanks to Maija for the Reiki flow. The best part of the workshop for me personally was writing the letter to my future self. I guess I poured my heart out. As I mentioned, in the beginning, I had these few things in my mind (that seemed important at this moment) I want to accomplish this year. I thought I will mention those in the letter. But surprisingly, they did not even get mentioned in the letter! I was just writing in the flow and I don't even know how the words were flowing to me. It was such a beautiful experience - one I have never had before. 

Thank you for opening the doors for me to do something like this again in future. 'Writing your heart out in Reiki flow' seems to be the key takeaway for me from today's workshop. "  

"Thank you so much for the workshop yesterday - I really enjoyed it. The meditations were beautiful. As one of the other participants commented, I felt energised by the experience - it was a brilliant idea! "   

All are welcome, no Reiki experience is needed. You can expect a welcoming, supportive space, where respect is our priority.

WHEN: Wednesday the 9th February 2022  at 06.30 pm - 08 pm

WHERE: The workshop will be streamed through Zoom.  Download Zoom before the class.                                                                The link will be sent a couple of days before the workshop.

WHAT DO YOU NEED A quiet space to undertake the workshop

A blanket, mat, or cushion so you can sit comfortably for 90 minutes. Creative tools such as a journal colouring pens/pencils, paints, paper (whatever you would like to use to express yourself)

A GENERAL STRUCTURE of the workshop:

  • Introduction and welcome

  • Connect with your heart-guided meditation with Reiki flow. Find a deep connection to your heart chakra through visualization, use of breath, and energy connection.

  • After the meditation, we will have some time for self-work to express our thoughts and feelings through creativity the exercise ‘writing from the heart.’ While your express your feelings and unfiltered thoughts connected to your heart, space will be held by Maija and Cori with reiki flow. This is a unique and powerful journey from the heart to the heart.

  • Sharing circle - time to reflect and share thoughts, visions, learning

  • Final closing meditation and reiki flow.


EXCHANGE:    £20 per person                                               




£17 concessions/returning participants (get in touch for this payment)


if you wish to make a bank transfer or pay by card, please get in touch using the contact form below


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