YOGA AND REIKI FLOW  online classes

Join Cori Wilkie from KOA and Maija Kovalevska from Healing Hands in connecting with your body and breath with reiki flow and yoga.  This is a unique opportunity to feel this powerful combination of Yoga and reiki energy to connect with your heart.  Whilst you are practising yoga with Cori, Maija will hold space with reiki flow.  Reiki flow is a sharing of reiki energy and feedback from students has been that they felt a sense of calm, energy, and empowerment. Also, the flow helps to stay focused on the Yoga practice. Following the yoga practice, there will be a long version of savasana. You will have the opportunity to lay back, close your eyes and bathe in the continued reiki flow. 

Online Festive time stress reduction Reiki Flow & Yoga

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The new block

Wed 01 December  7 pm - 8 pm

Wed 08 December 7 pm - 8 pm

Wed 15 December 7 pm - 8 pm

Wed 22 December 7 pm - 8 pm


 - 45 minutes of yin and restorative yoga led by Cori, promoting a sense of stillness and encouraging you to connect with your breath. Yin and restorative yoga allow us to find a deeper connection between body, mind, and heart.  Poses will be held for several minutes and you will be offered a variety of adjustments and options so that the class is accessible to all bodies.  You can expect clear direction, a supportive space, empowering teacher, poems, and mantras. All 45 min will be supported by Reiki flow.

- The class will close with 15 minutes of guided meditation led by Maija.

   All are welcome and no experience is needed.  


  • Have any yoga props you may have or blanket, large pillows, comfortable space to practice yoga and lie down

  • Make sure you are in a space where you can focus fully on the class 


"I really enjoyed the yoga and Reiki sessions, found them very relaxing and enjoyable. I would like to sign up for more"   

"Thanks so very much Cori and Maija for such a wonderful series of classes.  I particularly enjoyed the calming and reassuring voice to Cori leading us through the movements in which we were encouraged to listen to our own bodies, and not to try to adopt the "perfect pose" but one that suits our framework. Her poetry and insights are always a welcome joy in addition to the movement sequences. Maija has a wonderfully calming manner and voice, immediately connecting with each one of the participants I feel.   I felt immediately relaxed and supported in this environment."   


"It's been a wonderful experience and I enjoyed it a lot. I like yin yoga and the combination with reiki, it's been mind-opening. What I enjoyed the most is the fact that at the end of the classes I felt both relaxed and refreshed. Both of you are very considerate, easy-going and inspiring. I don't have a reiki community around here and from time to time I feel a bit disconnected so thank you for bringing my awareness back. When you are trying to do something on your own, the possibility of making an excuse for not doing it is very big. Being a part of a class helps a lot to stay focused and follow your goals. So I would like to attend future classes. I've been grateful for this opportunity and wish you both success in your future ventures."  Iliana V. Bulgaria

"I did enjoy calming voices of Cori & Maija and felt very nurtured and slept very well."  Maria F. Switzerland

PRICE:  £5 drop-in

block of 4 - £16

The booking button will take you to the Eventbrite ticketing service. Alternatively, request a bank transfer or card payment through the contact form.

IMPORTANT: Before your payment download and read our disclaimer and email your agreement through to Cori here


Without the disclaimer, we can`t accept you in the class.