Reiki Level I (Beginners) where your Reiki journey begins. In the Japanese system, it`s called Shoden which means `First teachings`. There are no pre-requests and everyone who has an open mind and a will to start or complement his spiritual journey can enrol for this course. It teaches how to practice healing the self and the basics about helping others. At this level, the student is heading out on the path to self-discovery, this is just a beginning. 

Reiki Level II (Practitioner) is an advanced level. In the Japanese system, it`s called Okuden which means ` Inner teachings`. It gives you the ability to do distance healing, to be more powerful and it deepens your understanding of the system. You will learn mantras and symbols. At this level, you discover your hidden inner qualities such as your Earth, Heaven and Heart energy. This level allows you to work as a practitioner. The pre-request is Reiki I and required practice completion.

Reiki Level III (Master) In Japanese system it`s called Shinpiden which means `Mystery teachings`. It focuses on personal development and at this level, you move into discovering more about the mysteries of life. How you relate to yourself and the universe. This can be practised for the rest of your life as this level completes the education in the system.  It has two parts.


Reiki is not about paperwork or a timetable or any other human schedule. It is an energetic practice and therefore can only be experienced energetically. Reiki is a lifetime practice, so there should be no hurry to move to the next level. For each individual, there will be an appropriate time to move on to a new level. Once a student has completed Shoden, it will take time to practice what has been learned, and to adjust to the new level of energy in the body, before moving on to the next level of teaching. Largely, it will depend upon a student’s home situation and the availability of time to practice. A mother with a full-time job and numerous hobbies may have little time to practice. A traveller who has taken 12 months off may have ‘all the time in the world’.                                   

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