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Reiki Level  III  SHINPIDEN  

Reiki Level III Shinpiden - meaning in Japanese "mystery teachings" is to become a Reiki Master and complete the education in the system. The Master Level gives you another symbol and some more techniques. It`s about personal healing and growth, it gives you the simplicity of understanding `what Reiki is?' and a strong sense of being a part of the Universe.  This course is to support you in becoming a much more effective Reiki practitioner. It helps you develop your knowledge and skill so that you feel able to work confidently with more complex and challenging problems.

This is Reiki Master practitioner training, it can stand alone in its own right, for you to complete the education in the Usui Reiki system.​ If your goal is to become a Reiki teacher after completing this training you should take the Master Teacher course.

  • The requirement for the Reiki Master practitioner training is the completion of Reiki I and Reiki II training in the past and at least a year of practising.

  • If you were not a student of Healing Hands in the past, a Reiki II certificate has to be presented

  • The course will take place over a two-days.

  • Maximum of six students per class.

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 2 days training - £220

( £80 deposit is required to secure your space)

The Reiki Master course includes:

- General revision of what we learned on Reiki I and II

- discussion about Reiki and your previous experience.

- Master attunement

-You will learn the fourth Master Symbol and a variety of advanced tools

  and energy techniques to empower your Reiki practice.

-Shinpinden healing

- Meditations and mantra chanting

- Be aware, in this course you will not learn attunements.

- You receive a Reiki Master Certificate


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Thank you so much for my Reiki Master course I had a very interesting and intense experience and I’m glad I decided to go with a different teacher this time.  I eventually want to become a teacher myself and I appreciate your forward-thinking approach.  I’ve never been a ‘by the book’ person and I found the differences in your teaching methods rather refreshing.  Carol G.

Thank you Maija for the recent reiki masters course I attended. It was a beautiful experience and subtle introduction to this next stage of the reiki journey. I think all attending were taken aback by intense energy unleashed and thankfully you were there to guide us and help us understand the new discoveries. For anyone serious about reiki, the journey is not one that is rushed. Each step requires dedication and practice. Maija's teaching and support instills this and becomes a beautiful companion as you move forwards with reiki. Can't recommend it enough. It can be truly life-changing.  Kor N.

Had an amazing experience, Maija is such a kind and gentle soul, she teaches with love and compassion.

Thank you Maija for sharing your light.  Valentina L.

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