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 Students at this level must demonstrate the necessary level of responsibility, knowledge, and experience to guide others along the Reiki path.  Working at this level requires students to be balanced and grounded and able to achieve good rapport with people.  Anyone looking to teach others must of course already be a skilled and competent energy practitioner who regularly treats others and gets effective results.   
The Reiki Master Teacher training is usually undertaken by students for whom Reiki is now a way of life and who feel ready to become Reiki teachers themselves.

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 This course revisits and deepens all aspects of the Usui Reiki system going through each level, and includes the learning and practice of Japanese empowerment, also teaching and business tips.

You will learn how to organize and run Reiki training, manuals, and some essential business skills.     

This course is a blend of in-person training, self-work, and apprenticeship. 
There will be a general revision of your previous experience in the Reiki system at the beginning. 
As a part of the apprenticeship, the student will be assisting in different Reiki classes at the Reiki School, gaining experience and confidence. The whole training takes a few months.

After the training, you will be able to do initiations, you will be able to teach different levels and guide Reiki share groups supporting your own students. By the end of your training, you will have your manuals and teaching materials ready, you will be confident about your teachings and style.
A Reiki Master Teacher certificate will be given after successful completion. Ongoing support from your teacher and there is a possibility to become a hosted teacher at the Reiki School. 

Cost - £500

Please, get in touch before committing to enrol for this course. The dates of the training are set individually by request. 


“Thank you Maija for agreeing to be my Master Teacher and Mentor, it has been an absolute pleasure to have you guiding me through the next stages of my reiki development.  This takes a lot of dedication and commitment and you are always there, showing up and holding space for me. I truly appreciate your guidance and professionalism from a teaching perspective. You have pushed me out of my comfort zone and for that, I am truly grateful as I realise that this is when the most development and growth occurs. Not only from a learning perspective but also spiritually and emotionally, reiki is a lifelong practice and it can’t be rushed.
I wholeheartedly recommend Maija, as not only is she a fantastic teacher, but also a beautiful person. “      Sara L.  Stirling

I learned to be a Reiki teacher about 8 years ago but that training was very minimal. I taught a few friends here & there but I didn’t feel confident enough to teach strangers & ask for money. Recently, I felt it was time to choose a different course & teacher. I chose Healing Hands Edinburgh because their particular teacher training course would allow me to attend all Reiki workshops to observe the teacher, Maija, teaching. In actuality, I started Reiki training from the beginning again which was so informative as Maija teaches traditional Usui Reiki - an approach I had never learned. Maija is very knowledgeable and able to share her knowledge in a straightforward, easy-to-understand way. I learned so much more than I ever expected and now feel I have a good knowledge base to be able to pass on Reiki to my students. I also now feel comfortable charging money for my teaching! I would highly recommend this course to anyone looking to teach Reiki. Also, Maija provides continued support which I feel will be beneficial in embarking on my teaching Reiki journey.                           Fiona R.  Edinburgh

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