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Reiki Practice Day

Retreat yourself on this practical day. If you ever had Reiki training, any levels ( From beginners to Masters and teachers) are welcome. The day is perfect for those who want to spend a day with like-minded people practising together and deepening their own practice - spend the day in an energetic space mastering the art of Reiki - curious about the Japanese aspects of the Reiki system if you learned something different The day is led by Maija Kovalevska, the head teacher and founder of Healing Hands Edinburgh the Reiki school. Maija’s teachings are based on the five elements of the Japanese Reiki system and self-discovery accompanied by spiritual talks, visualization methods, and practice.

During the day:

Empowerment for the group

Meditations and visualization techniques

Self-practice, chanting

Reiki share, and talks.

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