Did you have a Reiki training in the past? Are you looking for Reiki practice group or Reiki share? Join our Reiki community from any part of the world. For most of us, self-practice can be a bit challenging after becoming a Reiki practitioner, so that’s why I would like to support you with that. Joining the workshops you will be motivated to practice regularly to discover more about Reiki and you will feel that you are not alone. I will be happy to guide you on this exciting journey. I do Reiki healing sessions weekly. I also run Reiki practice, talks and other workshops related to Reiki and self-development. Read my blog article.

Regarding the new announcement of the government individual treatments and training in person are not available. Request an individual distance healing or Reiki training online. If you wish to be updated, sign up for our newsletter below.


  • Individual Reiki treatments available online 

  • The community Reiki Clinic (streamed online) join  


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These sessions are for general relaxation and can support your daily life by lowering your stress levels, relaxing your body and mind and they are suitable for everyone, no experience needed. Reiki is universal energy, it's everywhere and there is plenty of energy for everyone as we are a part of the universe. It doesn't matter which part of the world you are in at the moment, you still can receive. Become a member of our Reiki community and join Maija`s lifestream Reiki healing sessions every Monday.

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Reiki share, also known as Reiki circle or exchange, is an opportunity for individuals who believe in reiki to participate in sharing reiki energy with reach other. The intention is to share and receive energy. Reiki shares run by Cori Wilkie, she currently offers weekly online via the community  Reiki share on the Facebook page. The Reiki share is free/donation=based and all are welcome, no experience needed.

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Self-practice is an important part of Reiki practitioners. Without practice, we are not growing much and our knowledge remains just like a theory. Practice builds up our knowledge and experience. 

If you have completed Reiki Level I or above, recently or some years ago, you may need a little push to reconnect with Reiki so this workshop is made for you. Join life streamed sessions led by Maija in our Reiki community.


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