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 Reiki Master Teacher

Maija Kovalevska

the founder of Healing Hands Edinburgh the Reiki School

My name is Maija Kovalevska, I am a Reiki Master and the founder of Healing Hands Edinburgh The Reiki School. MyReiki journey started in 2009 still in Latvia, my original country. At that time I was looking for something to complement my massage therapies as I could feel that it wasn’t enough to work just with the body to get somebody better. At that time I didn't know much about Reiki and when I went for my first training the main intention was "Helping Others".  I had no idea what changes Reiki was going to bring into my life. In a few months, it took me out of my country and brought me to the UK where I went through many different challenges while discovering my abilities, learning and also practising Reiki working with myself.

In that period of time I learned a lot, I started discovering myself and did find out that it is possible to find peace of mind, that I am responsible for my stress level and I choose to be positive or negative, and also how exciting it is to go through my spiritual path doing what you like. All that and the passion I felt for Reiki took me to embrace it as my full-time job.

In 2017 I started to teach Reiki and, at the very beginning, the main idea was to create a Reiki school to build up a Reiki community where everyone can try, learn or discover.



If you are mentally tired, carrying lots of stress and tension, looking for relaxation, choose an individual Reiki session  

If you are on low incomes or need to be supported on a regular basis join the Reiki Community Clinic online and receive healing in your own comfort.

Try other complementary therapies combined with Reiki 

Maybe you are wondering about learning Reiki? Do you know that everyone can learn Reiki?  Just an open mind and strong motivation required. Start from a beginners course and finish the education in the Reiki System becoming a Reiki Master in a while. 

After your Reiki training, we would like to support your spiritual journey offering you to join the Reiki practice group.

Experience our spiritual workshops and retreats.

Meet our team.  All teachers and therapists are experienced,  insured and certified.


The aim of the Reiki school is to promote the benefits of Reiki, to give you the best experience in different ways as it can support you on the different levels of being: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. We would like to show you the importance of the holistic approach and the energy for our wellbeing. Here you can learn not only the Reiki System, but you will also learn more about yourself and your natural abilities which many people don't use much in their daily life. All of us are connected to the energy of life/universe from the moment we came into this world, but not everyone is aware of it. Trying or learning Reiki is the best way for you to find your “true self”. The Reiki system also gives you the possibility to find your path in life and be truly happy by filling up your existence with meaning and joy. Perhaps it's your time to start this exciting journey?

The 4th-floor, Studio 4.39

at St.Margaret House

Edinburgh Palette  

151 London Road

Edinburgh EH7 6AE