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And darkness became the brightest light

I would like to introduce you to the new member of Healing Hands Edinburgh The Reiki School. His name is Mario Martinez, an experienced holistic massage therapist and Reiki Master. You can now find some more information about Mario in the section called 'massage' within the website as well as the type of treatments he can offer.

Every one of you who came across Reiki did it in a very particular way. This is Mario's story:

For most of my life, I always believed destiny was an unreal concept, tailored to those who believe in fortune-tellers. That changed when, at the end of the year 2012, I met a very special individual.

She introduced me into the wonderful world of Reiki in the best way possible: through direct experience. Take my hands and close your eyes, she said. Moments later I started an unknown trip full of emotions I never felt before. Invisible smooth waves were covering my whole self, my heartbeat quickened and my mind felt slightly dizzy as though my body had become weightless and were floating a few centimetres off the ground. That was a breathtaking experience.

Until that day, Reiki was for me a strange word never heard before. However, after those few minutes of energy flow through our hands, everything changed inside of me. Destiny shook the foundations of my beliefs forever. The very next day I knew I had been wrong all those previous years; destiny not only exists, but it also keeps showing you the trail you need to follow during your lifetime through some signs left around you. You just need to keep your eyes open and be aware of them. In my case, a long chain of events brought me to a remote place in a foreign country, where I was meant to encounter the power of Reiki for the very first time.

Several months passed after that touching first experience before I felt the need to go deeper into that world full of healing possibilities. I suddenly realized I had to learn Reiki myself.

I found an experienced Reiki teacher in Edinburgh and booked myself into the Reiki level I training without hesitation. That was the beginning, the first step of a long journey that was going to take me into an infinite healing dimension.

Learning self-healing was quite impressive for me for I was raised in an environment where a pill was always the best solution for any kind of ailment. Being able to use my hands channelling the energy of the universe into myself was mind-blowing, but it wasn’t enough; I wanted to heal others as well.

With the Reiki level II and distance healing, I could discover the real magic. Share this universal energy with anybody, no matter how far they might be from you. For me, that was science-fiction made real. Something I could only do in my dreams when I was a kid, like a superhero. With that new knowledge, I started to wonder what could I do to help others. Who could need this wonderful bright energy the most from the people surrounding me? It didn’t take me long to find the answer to that: my mother.

When she was a small girl, some personal circumstances made her develop a strange fear within her mind. She had some kind of phobia of being away from home. The further she went, the more acute this fear would become. In her mind, there was always this feeling that something wrong was going to happen every time she left home, even when going to work every morning. That grew into a real problem when she became an adult. My father has told me several times how they had to turn back in the middle of the trip towards their honeymoon destination, as she started to feel very uncomfortable and stressed. During all these years, no pill nor any doctor could help her overcome this terrible fear.

After a week of daily Reiki distance healing, she became a new person. Now she’s the one pulling my father to keep travelling here and there all the time. It’s just a miracle. That’s the best word to describe such an incredible improvement. And this is just an example of many miracles Reiki has performed that I could witness for all these years.

I'm excited to see what’s still left to come in the future but I’m not worried, for I know now that when anything happens to me - good or bad - it does happen for a good reason. Destiny has its plans for me as it does for the rest of the universe. We just need to stay calm and let the flow take us wherever we need to be. Whatever happens, I feel safe knowing that the power of Reiki will take care of me whenever I go.

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