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Bringing back our Reiki community

Updated: Mar 3, 2021

When I started the Reiki school a few years ago, my main goal has always been to build up a Reiki community. That is the main objective when creating a school, isn't it? If I just wanted to teach Reiki, I could do so by being just another Reiki teacher offering my services, which is what most of the teachers do. But once the Reiki workshop is over, what’s next for you? Where to go after your training? Is there any support? Where can I meet like-minded people?

I wanted to cover those questions by creating a proper place for my Reiki students, a ‘Reiki home’. In fact, I took this model from my Reiki school in Latvia. I really loved that idea and back then I was so happy to have a place to come back to continue my development with Reiki.

The Reiki school is the right place to do that, as well as the ideal environment to meet and talk with others, exchange your experiences, practice with each other and share some activities together. This way, you can keep learning, feeling that you are a part of the "family". All of us love Reiki, and most of us are compassionate individuals willing to help others by showing the benefits of Reiki to the rest of the world.

Also for me, as a teacher, it is very exciting to see my students developing their skills, widening their experience while going through their own changes and challenges.

Since the beginning of 2017, I started to run a monthly Reiki practice group which took some time to build up. It's been a while since we were just a few people (real Reiki lovers) meeting and practising. However, after some time, it became a well-known group that soon started to grow in number. It was amazing to see such a big team of practitioners in the studio developing so strong collective energy.

Unfortunately, the universe had its own plans so we were forced to cancel not only our Reiki practice but all plans the Reiki school had in mind.

It's been almost a year since we last met for the Reiki practice. During all this time I’ve been wondering what to do, thinking what is the best way to bring everyone together.

I was trying to do something on Facebook, I also had some other ideas, but in the end, they didn't work well enough for different reasons.

Finally, I came across the idea of how I can bring all of you together, gathering all Reiki lovers in one same place, both Reiki beginners and advanced Reiki practitioners. It's still online, but at the same time, we have the chance to meet on a regular basis, to receive healing, and to practice on different levels. I also think it’s the best way for me to keep growing as a Reiki teacher.

The best thing about having a virtual Reiki home is the possibility of joining the community from any part of the world. Since my students are based in different countries, I guess this would be great news.

From February I am delighted to launch the Reiki community on Patreon. It took me a while to make it real but now we have something important there, to begin with.

You can choose from distant sessions, Reiki practice, meditations or just articles/videos about Reiki. It will be helpful for those who want to maintain their stress levels under control and deepen their Reiki practice. Also, you can join the community chat and Q&A online.

I hope that you find this both exciting and helpful. For me, it gives me plenty of monthly commitments and while the "family" keeps growing, more workshops and offers will come in the future.

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