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The first step starts with you

When my students come to learn Reiki they expect to acquire the knowledge of just some kind of energy work going through initiations and hands-on healing. They don`t expect that our main focus is self-love and self-care. For many of us, it can be a life-changing knowledge, as we never learned that at school or university. We learn from Reiki that to be able to help others we should start from ourselves, to love others we should develop self-love within us first, which can be a very challenging journey for many of us.

We have always been told that to love our family, our children or someone else is about sacrifice, giving all for them, cancelling our plans (as they are less important), always prioritising others’ needs. But the key question here is ‘do you feel happy after those actions?’ What does your soul tell you about that? You made so much effort but something feels wrong. You are tired, tense and not satisfied.

This has a clear explanation. If your cup is empty, there is no light of love inside so you can`t give any water to somebody who is thirsty. To improve the situation our main focus is self-love to create the small fire of love within ourselves, then the rays will reach others easily. No effort and no pressure required. Everyone around you will enjoy your happiness and the natural loving flow coming from you as you will irradiate like a light bulb. Your children need their mum to be happy, your partner will be glad to see you relaxed and enjoying life together and the rest of your family and friends will also benefit from your glowing joyfulness.

We learn to understand that happiness doesn`t come from outside, it comes from inside and it’s all up to us what we choose.

The first step starts with you.

There’s a perfect example of this to be better understood. Do you remember what they say on a plane during these emergency instructions just before taking off? Everything they say is very important but there’s one instruction which is key for survival. They say: ‘if you travel with children, put your oxygen mask on first and then do so for the children’. Such great advice. If you can’t breathe properly, are you going to be of any help for your children or anybody else?

Always look after yourself, stay mentally and physically fit and strong enough to be able to help others so you won’t be feeling energy-drained afterwards.

The fifth Reiki principle says: “Be kind to every living thing” What does it mean to you?

“Thank you so much for such a special day yesterday. I feel blessed to have received the gift of Reiki and your training was inspiring.”

“I thoroughly enjoyed the training and it has opened up my mind even further.”

“It was a wonderful experience and a peaceful and serene day.”

Students testimonial

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