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Starting up your successful Reiki practice

Updated: Feb 8, 2022

Being a Reiki practitioner is truly rewarding. In the practice, we meet some amazing people and learn more and more about ‘The Human Condition’ day by day! Also, we have such an amazing thing to share with others – Reiki. Sounds so exciting!

I guess since you learned Reiki, you were inspired, wishing to share it with others to show all the benefits of Reiki. And perhaps you had a strong motivation to become a Reiki practitioner from the very beginning.

After your training and practice, you have completed your case studies (going through doubts, building up confidence) and finally, you got your certificate which allows you to start working as a therapist. But what is the next step?

It`s been a while since I wanted to create this course as there is a missing part for Reiki practitioners, for those who want to become professional therapists. The Reiki System doesn`t give much knowledge of how to start as a practitioner, requirements, law, pricing, services and accounting. And I know that for some of you all that part sounds scary. Some books and courses give you ideas and tasks on how to create your successful practice. But if you have never had experience as a complementary therapist, you will find it too complicated as they encourage you to create a business plan, they talk about finances and financial prediction or creating a financial plan and forecast for five years ahead. Lots of figures that may sound like an alien language for you. At this stage, you find yourself lost and frustrated.

Many years ago I went to a body massage course. Apart from learning anatomy & physiology, massage techniques and case studies, learning business skills (marketing, business plan and much more) was an essential part of my training. I was enjoying my massage part very much, but the business part was my biggest struggle and sometimes I felt frustrated and unhappy wondering 'why do I need this? I came to learn massage, I am not a businesswoman.'

A few years later, when I left my massage job in a clinic and decided to go for 'free fall', I realised that all my efforts were not in vain. I could see that many of my therapist colleagues were very talented but lacked that essential knowledge: how to start and how to promote your business and deal with your finances. I could see them making so many mistakes and eventually giving up to do what they like. At that moment I could acknowledge the foundation I already had since the very beginning of my career as a holistic therapist. I still made mistakes and things were not always smooth and easy, I`ll be always grateful to my first teacher who gave us not only good massage training but also shared his whole experience on the matter, giving us that awareness of what to expect in this field, how to build up confidence and become visible for our clients.

I`d like to share with you my direct experience, teaching you some things you need to be aware of and I’m keen to show you the main steps to safely begin your exciting journey towards your dreams. You will learn some options which don’t need many funds to start, simple accountancy, pricing and more. Following the simple steps and directions, you will be ready to start and meet your first client in a professional approach.

As Reiki practitioners, we are all connected. However, there are some grounded steps we should follow to be successful. It will help you become more confident and you will be aware of how to begin your exciting journey.

This course is suitable for future Reiki practitioners like those who have done a Reiki Level II course or above in the past or still doing case studies to gain a Reiki Level II certificate, also future Reiki teachers and for other new qualified complementary therapists.

For more info and bookings, visit the link

Maija Kovalevska, founder of Healing Hands Edinburgh the Reiki school

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