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The circle of stress

Modern society brings a lot of good things for human civilization but has also some flaws. Within our society, there’s plenty of room for everybody, for every kind of lifestyle, different types of jobs and above all, a different approach for a prosperous life. But in every society, we can also find a dark side. Stress is found to be the number 1 of the worse illnesses to encounter nowadays. Nobody knows where it comes from but everyone can get affected by it and it has been there next to us for quite a while now. It is well known that building up stress brings chronic tension to the mind and sooner or later it will affect your body. Stress is always there available for everybody and there’s no vaccine you can inject into your bloodstream to be immune against it. No matter your age, your genre, you race, you annual incomes or your cultural knowledge. You are prone to be under the stress domain at some point in your life as much as anybody else. Probabilities can be higher or lower depending on your lifestyle, your job, your mental health...but you will never be immune to its dark power. In this so busy society it’s difficult to be in a constant state of zen all the time. Your environment, life circumstances and pretty much any other possible reason may provoke some adverse reactions and as a result, your mind creates stress. The process repeats over and over and then is when you get intrusive thoughts, insomnia, anxiety,depression, digestive problems and many other health issues. Fortunately, not everything is lost. For every ‘yin’ there’s a ‘yang’ so there are plenty of solutions for you to fight stress. It’s only up to you which one will you choose and how good are you going to follow the instructions for keeping the stress away. So you probably know many different ways to relax: it can be drinking alcohol, taking drugs, smoking tobacco,… It can also be taking some tablets prescribed by your GP or through complementary therapy. In any case, it’s good to have lots of options for you to choose the one that suits you best. However, you keep falling into the same circle, because when you feel the stress, you get fast and easy relief and after that you fall into the same stress again, creating a vicious circle that keeps repeating over and over again. And that happens because you don’t target the root of the problem. You tend to put a healing patch on the wound rather than asking yourself why is the wound appearing in the first place. Complementary therapies have been there available for many years now, working along with the orthodox medicine - not against it, as some people think -. Now, there’s a big difference between the two of them. While orthodox medicine uses pills for treating the body as a remedy for any kind of illness, like stress, complementary therapies will help you to relax looking at you as a whole, treating your mind, body and spirit altogether, looking for a complete balance within you. There are a lot of different complementary therapies out there for you to choose from: body massage, Reflexology, Reiki, yoga, counselling and many more, all of them focused on relaxation just from a different approach. People are becoming more aware of how important is to keep control of their stress level. You can relax your body through massage. You can relax your mind by visiting a counsellor. You can balance your inner energy levels through energy therapy. You can manage your stress and mental tension with Reiki. And so on. There are many possibilities. You just need to find the one it’s for you. Nevertheless, there’s an important detail here to stress out: medicine is free, complementary therapies are not. However, choosing a complementary therapy will help you find the origin of your pain, stress, tension or whatever is bothering you, holistically healing your inner self through your mind, body and spirit. So, are you ready to step out of your circle and challenge yourself trying to find a real solution to your problem?

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