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How did you find Reiki or might be Reiki finds you?

Updated: Apr 27, 2019

Recently I had a question from a person: 'Can I learn Reiki even if I have never tried it?'.

So I said: 'That's exactly how it happened to me'. Back in 2009, I was a massage practitioner in Riga when one day I had an idea to find something to learn to able to help people in a different way. I always wanted to help others but through the massage treatments I could only do so at a physical level.

I suddenly knew that it wasn't enough for me to help people healing their body, I was looking for a holistic approach. I wanted to heal others on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level. I asked the Universe for a signal, a clue indicating the path I needed to follow towards my goal. I somehow felt forced to re-read an old book I had about massage where the author mentioned Reiki as a tool for both self-development and healing others. 'Reiki? What is that?', I said to myself, not knowing even knowing how to pronounce the word properly. So I went to the Internet to find out what it was about. I must confess I was quite sceptical at the beginning about the information I found. Everything describing Reiki was very optimistic, involving unconditional love for the whole Universe and the living things, some kind of magic-stuff that a part of me wanted to believe it true straight away.

I listened to that part without hesitation and in a few clicks, I was at the website of a Reiki School in Riga. There I could see that there was going to be a Reiki Level 1 training the following weekend and there were still some spaces available. I took the phone and I booked myself in. On the day of the training going towards the school, I was still feeling a bit unsure of what was going to find in there. I told nobody about all this thing about Reiki. My family nor my friends wouldn't have understood nor approved the idea of involving myself into something of this sort. They would probably have said that I was getting into the dangerous world of a sect or something like that. Once in the Reiki School, my first idea was to be more as an attendant to the training rather than an active participant of it. But after just a while I felt that the longer I listened to the teacher's explanations, the closer I was getting to my goal. Then I knew that Reiki was exactly what I was looking for. That day was the beginning, the first stone of my foundations in learning the Reiki system. From that day on I knew that I needed to widen my knowledge about Reiki, to keep learning and developing myself as a Reiki practitioner. The Universe had placed the path for me where I have been happy for so many years.

What was your experience? How did you find Reiki? Or might be Reiki found you?


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