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How old is your soul?

The spiritual level is our soul or inner child.

It was given to us the very moment we came into the world, and the more we grow the more we recognise it as a key part of our being.

When we were kids we had a good connection with the soul, we even played together. Remember when you were playing alone in the corner sometimes? You were not alone, your soul was your companion. Do you remember how easy it was to communicate with plants and animals? Because it went through your soul, with no filters, no obstacles.

At that time there are no doubts about how talented we are or if we can become an artist as we know what we are going to do in the future: to become a policeman, an astronaut or just a superhero to help the world. And we strongly believed it.

So what happens with all that? The more we grow, the more we lose the connection with our inner self. When we become adults we already don't remember our plans or even find them silly, we become serious, there is a lack of confidence, everything is a challenge and creativity has also disappeared, the mind is too busy chatting. We are tense and stressed.

But what happens with our soul, our inner child?

It is not a child anymore since it was abandoned and it even looks older than your body. It's easy to recognise the age of your soul by looking at your eyes. Eyes are a reflection of the soul.

Often you can meet young people with dull and tired eyes and there is no light or we can see elderly people with shining eyes enjoying their life.

The good news is that there’s a way to fix this as we can get back our inner child no matter how old we are. Everything you need is your intention, intention for positive changes.

First, we have to reconnect with our soul.

Our busy mind doesn't allow us to do it so easily, as the voice of the mind is louder and it keeps you so busy. You can`t be listening to both at the same time, can you? It’s like you are listening to a podcast and watching TV at the same time.

I am suggesting a few simple steps, to begin with:

1. You need to calm down your mind.

The simplest available option – meditate. It will make the voice of your mind calmer.

2. Take your inner child for a walk in nature, just you and nature. Looking at the beauty of plants, landscapes, and listening to the birds will be the best healing therapy for reconnection.

3. Allow yourself to be a child...again.

That will allow expressing yourself, will bring your abilities and talents back and I am sure will guide you on what to do next to fill your life with joy.

Do not make high expectations and enjoy the process. And it doesn't matter how old your body is. It only matters how old your soul is.

How old is yours?

Feel free to share your comments down below.

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