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Journal As Your Assistant

In the previous blog article, we discussed journaling as a mind cleansing therapy. If you haven’t read it,

There are a few more options for how journaling can help and assist you in your daily life.

Managing your emotions

I remember a moment a while ago when, after a stressful situation full of emotions, I popped into a coffee shop, got a coffee, and started to write down what had happened and how I felt about it. Soon, I started to write down some answers that helped me accept everything. In the end, I felt relieved and with a calm mind. I was surprised by the results and how easy it was to get that relief and work out all my triggers as my tension melted away.

By realizing your emotions and going through your current feelings, you can get relief.


Why do we need to be grateful?

It works well on our energetic level.

If you always look for something to complain about, I can tell that you are not a happy person. You literally lower your vibrations transforming them into a negative form, and that’s what you radiate. That way you attract more negative events into your life as you always attract what resonates with you. To improve the situation, you should start bringing more gratitude into your life and realize the good things happening around you.

Writing a gratitude journal on a regular basis will help you bring up your positive vibrations. If every day you highlight what you are grateful for, you will attract more and more good things into your life.

What to be grateful for? We don’t need to wait for a big moment in our life to be happy and grateful. It can be a warming cup of tea, a nice chat with a friend, a lovely sunny day, your partner next to you, or just waking up feeling alive and well another day. The most important is to notice it and write down your gratitude.

Setting up your goals and wishes.

In this case, journaling practice helps you set up your goal as it helps to track your progress, analyze, see all pros and cons and make some changes along the way, gradually moving towards it.

Reconnecting with yourself.

When you feel lost in your life, you are disconnected. When you don't know what is your next step or you have lost the excitement in your life, it means that you are disconnected. One of the helpful tools for reconnection would be journaling. Coming back to yourself through daily writing is a very powerful technique. You don’t know what to write about? Simply describe your previous day in detail, what you did, what thoughts you had, and perhaps you wish to share your questions or concerns? It’s like talking to yourself through writing in your journal. Give yourself some time using this technique and see what happens.

As you can see, journaling can work for us in different ways.

From stress, anxiety, and emotions to our goals, gratitude, and reconnection. It takes us from our dark days to the light and happiness by reconnecting us back to our energetic roots.

Just an open mind and a will for good changes are required. Integrating this self-practice into your daily routine will make a big difference.

Only you can do it. Just try and enjoy.

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