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Reiki and mental health

Mental Health

Anxiety and depression are very common mental health conditions in our society. According to statistics 1 out of 4 people in the UK experiences these problems. Good mental health may be described as a balanced attitude towards life. It is reflected in one's attitude that is influenced by different physiological, psychological, environmental and genetic factors. There are many reasons one's mental health may suffer, including chronic stress and physical illness, causing mental illnesses to appear such as depression and anxiety. Some people with mental health problems find using complementary treatments very helpful and nowadays many of these people are getting more open to trying Reiki. 8 out of 10 of my new clients never tried Reiki before. Usually, the treatment doesn`t focus on treating the symptoms, the main focus is tension and stress relief, cleansing your mind and body. After the first treatment most people find that the shoulders have dropped down, the mind is calmer, they feel relaxed and meanwhile they have more energy. It works very well with chronic stress, taking layers of tension one by one (like when peeling an onion) so the deeper the energy goes the bigger benefits it`s going to bring. For a long-lasting effect, a few sessions are required to gradually take these layers off. After the treatments, when your mind is calm and your body is healed, it's the perfect time to learn how to maintain this condition. Find out what can you do to take over the control of your mind and don't allow yourself to come back to the previous condition. Perhaps you can start meditation, practice Yoga or maybe learning Reiki would be the best solution for you?

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