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The Holistic approach and why it's so important for our well-being

Usually, we are focused on the symptoms of the body. What symptoms mean? Symptoms are the language of the body, it is the way our body can communicate with us and it connects with us when there is something wrong when we did wrong actions or didn’t care about ourselves. Symptoms at the beginning can be weak and if we are not connected to the body, we just are not sensitive enough to notice them. Some of us are trying to cooperate with them hoping that they are going to disappear in a while.

The symptom often comes to our body but the cause can be located in another level of our being. We have four levels of being: physical (body), mental (mind), emotional (our natural emotions) and spiritual (soul).

All of them are important for our well-being because they are connected to each other. If something happens in one of them the rest will be affected in a while too.

Here are a few examples.

Spiritual level. Perhaps you don't allow yourself to do what you like so your soul isn't happy, and day by day it’s getting tenser. Maybe you hate the job you do and from Monday to Friday you live in tension, building up chronic stress. In this case, other levels are affected too. Your mind is busy and brings you intrusive thoughts, your emotions are up and down and finally, your physical body gets health issues too. Just focusing on the symptoms of the body in this case, isn`t enough to be completely healed. Because your soul is still not happy and you keep doing the same job.

Emotional & Mental level. if you get angry often or worry a lot, constantly involved in the dialogues with your mind, building up tension and stress, allowing your mind to take over, your physical body will be affected again.

If the body gets affected first, like hitting your knee, for example, the chain of connections is in place, so your emotions are raising up and your mind gets busy.

It's always like a circle, just the starting point can be different. That's exactly what we call “holistic”.

We talk about the “Holistic approach” or “holistic healing” when we are paying attention to all levels, bringing the balance. Only by knowing our weak parts, we can find the original cause of the problem so we can get healed.

I`d like you to think what is your weak part. Do you have any symptoms? Are you aware of what causes them?

Please, leave your comments below.

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