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Why should you learn Reiki?

When people come to learn Reiki they have different intentions, but most of them are looking to use the hands-on healing technique for treating themselves or others. As everyone knows, after the Reiki course you can give a relaxing treatment to somebody or do self-treatment for stress and pain relief, just placing your hands on the body. Actually, learning that would be enough to spend a couple of hours (for attunements and to learn general self-practise), but probably you could find out that Reiki is a healing system and it's not only energy on your hands but also meditations, different healing techniques, Reiki principles and much more; altogether making up the whole system for healing your mind and body. On my course, I teach how to connect with your body, how to open up self-love and how to avoid developing chronic stress in your mind and body. We discuss the importance of controlling your mind, controlling your reactions to different situations you may come across in your life, changing patterns and integrating self-work into your daily routine. And of course Reiki practice. Regular practice of Reiki brings you changes gradually. Following the original Japanese Reiki system, helps us to stay strong against building up chronic stress and tension in mind and body and thus preventing mental and physical issues, taking us to another level of quality of life of being happy and healthy.

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